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. Ribton 'Ric' Martin Jonas, MBA, EdD

. Karyn T. DaSilva, MEd

Dr. Ribton Martin 'Ric' Jonas ~ Lead Collaborator

Ric offers a robust knowledge and wealth of experience acquired across diverse business environments, including publicly held, family and start-up initiatives.   Accomplished in leadership coaching and mentoring strategies, he works in concert with C-suite executives and Executive Boards toward creating generative business & personal leadership practices.

Typically, the focus has been on designing and retaining a sustainable high-trust culture; coaching executives and their organizations toward elevated leadership performance.

Ric has held senior positions in HR; served as a staff psychologist in clinical settings; and taught at a university master’s level. He has been a senior advisory board consultant for  several international organizations.

His business & psychology academic training was in Canada, USA & Europe.
Business:  Wharton ✧ Harvard ✧ New York ✧ London
Psychology:  Montréal ✧ Chicago/Toronto

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