CorPsych Partners 
               ...the art of business coaching & leaderhsip

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CorPsych Partners is a corporate psychology and business consultancy.  Clients have been senior executives from select organizations like the Bank of Tokyo, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), The Senate of Canada, Barclays Bank in New York; as well as successful start-ups.  

The mandate: to assist company stakeholders realize their potential - accomplished in part as a function of identifying psychologically-rooted leadership stratagems, and delineating more efficient analytics from big data HR systems. To facilitate the development of high performance leaders, a research-based model for success has been formulated, which has  proven highly effective in the context of today's business landscape.

Dr. Ribton Martin 'Ric' Jonas ~ Managing Partner                          

A small to mid-size business turn-around specialist, Ric brings robust knowledge and a wealth of experience acquired across diverse business environments, including publicly held, family and start-up initiatives.   He is accomplished in restructuring operations and developing marketing strategies, working in concert with Executive Boards to deliver stakeholder value and customer satisfaction.  

Typically, the focus has been on designing and retaining a sustainable high-trust culture; targeting B2B, B2C, and P2P needs, and mentoring and coaching executives and their organizations toward elevated leadership performance.

Historically, subsequent to being Director of HR at Industry, Trade and Commerce Canada, he served as a staff psychologist at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital in Ottawa; and over a ten year period, taught at the master’s level for the University of Ottawa. Commensurately, he was a senior psychological consultant for an international consulting organization.

Academically, Ric's business & psychology training was in Canada, USA & Europe.

Undergraduate coursework at The Wharton School led to a New York MBA; and leadership strategy study at Harvard, Dartmouth & London universities.

A Université de Montréal undergraduate degree paved the way to Toronto for a doctoral programme in clinical counselling psychology.